Salesforce + KIPU Patient Create

Create Patients in KIPU from Salesforce Opportunities

A patient’s recovery journey begins in the Pre-Admission stage. Before they are even admitted there is a number of data which is usually collected in Salesforce before admitting them into KIPU. This includes patient demographics, insurance coverage, referrer information, patient contacts, as well as attachments like pre-assessments and verification of benefits documents. With Braided’s Salesforce to KIPU integration you can ensure that all of this data is sent effectively and in real-time using the triggers your organization can define.


Opportunity enters Stage

Triggers when an Opportunity reaches particular Stage.


Create Patient in KIPU

Creates Pre-Admission with all available demographics, insurance, contact information, and attachments.

Many ways to start running your workflow

Why Braided?

With Braided’s Salesforce to KIPU integrations, you can…

  • Remove dual data entry saving hours per patient.
  • Keep data uniform across both Salesforce and KIPU
  • Automatically track census also in Salesforce.
  • Build reports ranging from entire census, census by location or program, and other reports.