Say Goodbye to Prolonged and Risky Integrations

Work with the industry-leading experts in behavioral health EHR and CRM integrations. Go live in days, not months, and experience immediate value with Braided.
At Braided, we understand the unique challenges that behavioral health organizations and addiction treatment centers face when it comes to managing patient data:

  • Workflows
  • EHR Platform
  • CRM integration

That’s why we’ve developed an integration solution that automates workflows and streamlines EHR and CRM integration, making it easier for you to focus on what matters most: providing quality care to your patients.

Our solution eliminates the manual processes and human error associated with EHR and CRM integration, ultimately making it faster and more accurate than ever before. By automating workflows, we reduce the administrative burden on your staff, freeing up time and resources to focus on patient care. Our integration solution also enables the ability to have a single source of truth for patient data, improving data accuracy and reducing errors.

We understand that data security and compliance are top priorities for addiction treatment facilities. Braided’s integration solution is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified, ensuring that patient data is always secure and protected.

Simplify operations, increase productivity.

Stop wasting time with dual data entry. Braided securely brings your apps together with ease.

Obtain peace of mind. Braided makes it easy.

Everyday, Braided customers experience the power of data integration and workflow automation. See for yourself.

Our solution is highly customizable and scalable, allowing you to choose the integration features that best suit your needs. Whether you need custom integration, bidirectional syncing, or Salesforce KIPU integration, we’ve got you covered.

When working with Braided, you’ll be able to improve efficiency, enhance patient care, and increase ROI for your addiction treatment facility. Let us handle the complexities of EHR and CRM integration so you can focus on what matters most: providing quality care to your patients.


Use Braided to automatically push / pull data between systems.

Secure Integration Engine

HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, to ensure mitigation of modern security threats.

Lightning Speed Deployments

Deep industry expertise and component based technology ensures rapid delivery.

Superior Service & Support

Relax and let Braided maintain your workflows, while you focus on serving patients.

Real Time Interfaces

Run automated workflows in real time. Your systems will sync at the blink of an eye.

Seamlessly Embedded Data

Obtain critical information from your EHR and display it in a custom widget in your CRM.

Streamlined Business Knowledge

Braided can help make your data work for you. Run analysis and obtain new insights.