Salesforce + KIPU Demographics Sync

Sync demographics and admission data from KIPU into Salesforce

During the patient’s admitted stage, there are a number of data which can change over time. This includes demographics, program, level of care, insurance and other data points. With Braided’s Kipu to Salesforce Demographics Sync you can ensure that all this data stays up to date in Salesforce. Removing manual data entry and keeping both systems in line.


Scheduled process runs

Triggers on a scheduled process picking up recently updated admissions.


Update admission objects

Syncs patient demographics, admission/discharge dates, and other data into related admissions objects.

Why Braided?

With Braided’s Salesforce to KIPU integrations, you can…

  • Remove dual data entry saving hours per patient.
  • Keep data uniform across both Salesforce and KIPU
  • Automatically track census also in Salesforce.
  • Build reports ranging from entire census, census by location or program, and other reports.