Salesforce + KIPU Utilization Review Sync

Sync Utilization Review updates into Salesforce

During the patient’s admitted stage, utilization reviews are generated in KIPU containing valuable information like start and end date, level of care, next level of care, insurance, authorization date, next review date, and other utilization review data. With Braided’s KIPU to Salesforce Utilization Review sync you can ensure this data gets into Salesforce effectively. Allowing you to track these progressions over time and utilize Salesforce reporting abilities to gather better insights.


Scheduled process runs

Triggers on a scheduled process running against the active census.


Update admission objects

Updates related admissions objects with all Utilization Review data.

Why Braided?

With Braided’s Salesforce to KIPU integrations, you can…

  • Remove dual data entry saving hours per patient.
  • Keep data uniform across both Salesforce and KIPU
  • Automatically track census also in Salesforce.
  • Build reports ranging from entire census, census by location or program, and other reports.